• Bang Trim $7+
  • Helix/Razor Cut & below shoulder( long)*$40+
  • Female Haircut $35+
  • Female Dry Cut (one length, no layered)$25+
  • Male Haircut $25+
  • Male Buzz cut (one guard all over) $17+
  • Perm $60+
  • Style & Blow Dry $22+
  • Style & Set $25+


  • up to age 5 $12
  • age 6-12 $25
  • age 13+ adult price

All prices are estimates and may vary depending on length and/or thickness of hair

*The Helix™ Original Shear is curved and torqued or twisted to create conical end treatments into the cut section of hair, changing its structure permanently. The size and amount of natural looking curls or coils are based on the hair’s natural elasticity and chosen styling method.

The professionals with the curved Helix scissors required for this cut are Sandy Reed, Kalyn Ratcliff, Ann Moore, Tammy Booth and Tracy Burlingame. Sandy Reed has received her “PHD” (Professional Helix Designer) certification for her furthered education in this hair design technique.