Sanitas Facials

  • Signature European Facial (50 min) $65

Skin type- all

Relax and nourish your skin. Facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation with steam, massage, nutrient-rich mask, and hydration.

  • Blemish-B-Gone (50 min) $65

Skin type- oily/blemished skin
This is a deep cleansing, oil/sebum production balancing, exfoliating and skin softening facial. Tea tree mask tightenss pores, helps eliminate and fight blemish-causing bacteria, heals skin, and controls breakouts.

  • Hydrating Facial (50 min) $65

Skin type- dry/sensitive
Nourish and plump up dehydrated and lackluster skin. Ideal for those with dehydrated skin and skin with the appearance of fine lines.

  • Pumpkin Anti-Aging Facial (50 min) $85

Skin type- all
Enjoy the aroma of pumpkin while improving dull, aging skin. Ideal for those with maturing skin or those wanting to prevent signs of aging.

  • Hyperpigmentation Facial (50 min) $85

Skin type- all
Helps to reduce the visibility of sun damage, age spots, and skin discoloration. Ideal for those with uneven skin tone.

  • Rosacea/Couperose Facial (50 min) $70

Skin type- all
Great for those suffering with rosacea. Helps reduce redness and helps reduce the long term affect from rosacea.

  • Mini Facial (30 min) $35

Skin type- all
Our lunchtime facial cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes, and nourishes your skin. In addition to this facial, you will get a relaxing arm and hand massage.

  • Sanitas Back Treatment (50 min) $70

Good for back acne and to clear up your skin on your back. Also good for those just wanting a relaxing experience